When Termites Strike: 5 Telltale Signs to Look Out For

Termite InfestationTermites are small, white-bodied insects that feed on wood. They live in warm and damp areas of the house and are quite hard to notice them. Despite their small size, termites are capable of causing massive damage to homes, especially if not seen early. To avoid enormous destruction, be on the lookout for signs of infestation by inspecting your home regularly. Call Boca Raton termite control professionals to eliminate them if you notice any of the following signs.

Presence of swarmers or discarded wings

Swarmers are winged male and female termites that are responsible for reproduction. They come out of their nests during spring to mate, reproduce and find new habitats. If you see wings around, your home could be under a termite attack.

Hollow sounding wood

When termites feed on wood, they begin from inside to the outside. With continuous feeding, the wood becomes hollow hence producing a characteristic sound when tapped.

Presence of frass

After feeding on dry wood, termites produce wood-like droppings termed as frass. Dry wood termites are likely to infest your foundation, windows, and door frames. The presence of piles of wood-looking pellets is, therefore, a telltale sign that termites are roaming around.

Presence of mud tubes

The subterranean type of termites live in the ground, but that doesn’t mean they won’t infest your house. Using mud, feces, and pieces of wood, they build hollow tubes that connect them to your home. These tubes can be spotted on basements and behind walls.

Clicking sounds

This is another sign of termite infestation signifying that an entire swarm of termites is in a piece of wood. The clicking sounds are made by soldier termites when they bang their heads against the wood in an attempt to warn the worker termites of approaching danger.

Knowing the signs to watch out for is one of the cheapest ways to safeguard your home against destruction by termites since most home. Be on the lookout and get rid of them promptly.