What Should You Prioritize After a House Fire?

Fire damage insurance claim formPrioritizing activities after a fire is the best way to facilitate quick recovery and achieve rehabilitation goals at a reasonable cost. If you act haphazardly and make decisions without thorough planning, you may neglect important tasks or initiate a cascade of events that could cause further damage to your property. Worse, you may put yourself or your family in danger.

What should you think about and do after a house fire then?

Assess the damage and prepare to file for a fire insurance claim

In order to facilitate a fire damage claim, you must not wait too long to contact your insurance company. Inform them as soon as possible about the tragedy. Provide information the insurers need and communicate with them throughout the process.

Safety first

Safety is the first and foremost concern after a house fire. Charred wood, broken tiles, and burned pieces of furniture would be lying around. Water from firefighting efforts would have seeped through every available space.

Toxic chemicals, asbestos, smoke particulates, and injurious debris are some of the hazards facing those who must clean up afterward. Electrical wiring cut loose and free pose a serious danger. Only when declared safe for entry must assessment and restoration efforts ensue.

Call the right people for help

A restoration contractor may be able to give you an estimate of the cost on the first visit. Hiring a reliable and experienced team must be your first order of business. They must be some of the first at the site to ensure that initial cleanup procedures follow the right protocol.

What remains of your furniture, appliances, clothing, and other personal belongings may still be useful, but you should not try to recover them yourself. Salvageable items are usually in an area that still poses danger to humans. Stay in contact with the restoration team at all times.

Doing the right things at the right time is the best approach after a fire. Make the most of the opportunities to facilitate easy recovery so that you can continue to provide for the needs of your family.