Western Australian Farmers Need Better Storage ahead of Record Grain Production

Rice FieldThis year’s spring would provide 15.5 million tonnes of grain harvest for Western Australian farmers, according to a forecast by the Grain Industry Association of Western Australia (GIWA).

GIWA’s estimates mean that farmers should invest in better storage equipment such as bin products of Nally. The record harvest would be dependent on the rainfall level in the next few months as drought in the eastern seaboard has driven an increase in prices.

Produce Prices

Grain prices have been profitable particularly for wheat, which reached a nine-year high to roughly $360 per tonne. The pricing trend may continue given the lower global supply, aside from the lack of rainfall in eastern states.

If GIWA’s forecast becomes true, Western Australia will beat its previous record harvest in 2016. Farmers distributed 16.62 million tonnes of grain during that year’s harvest season. Industry experts, however, remain cautious over their output prediction due to the persistent drought in the country. On the other hand, the expected harvest for some fruits is also tipped to rebound in the coming season after suffering from inclement weather.

Cherry Harvest

Australian cherry growers produced only 10,000 metric tonnes of produce in the harvest season of 2017, compared to the expected 15,000 metric tonnes. Unlike grain, heavy spring rainfall affected the quality of cherry harvest during that time.

This year, however, would be a different story with expected record production of 18,000 metric tonnes. Exports would also increase because of the expanded access to Chinese markets, up to 7,000 metric tonnes from 5,000 metric tonnes. If you are planning to be an exporter, now is a good time to look into your storage system.

Farmers should always consider quality storage solutions for their crops since keeping those from spoilage will be vital whether they plan to export their products overseas. How do you store your produce after each harvest?