Ways to Stop a Drug Problem Relapse

Person Using Illegal DrugsRecovering from substance abuse takes a lot of willpower, effort and time because it has been a part of a person’s life for a long time. It’s their small daily decisions that led to their addiction, breaking out of the habit is difficult. It also takes an equal amount of perseverance to stay sober. An expert on drug rehab in Orem cites the following ways to prevent relapsing.

Keep Away from Situational Triggers

Many recovering or already sober patients want to put themselves through a test because they want to prove to themselves and their friends and family they are out of the addiction. However, this is a big mistake they often make because putting yourself in a tempting situation where you may end up using dangerous substances, or alcohol again may trigger your old bad habits.

Avoid putting yourself or someone you know in tempting situations, these can be places, people, practices and even the simplest of things that you associate with your dangerous habit. Avoidance and changing of routines are the best ways to stop a relapse.

Get or Join a Support Group

You or someone you know lost the battle against addiction and substance abuse because you think you can deal with it on your own. Pride will get you nowhere, just in trouble; you’ll need to surround yourself with people who know how to say ‘no’ even if they have to fight you for it. This support group will enable you to become a better and stronger person after rehab.

Mindfulness Practices

Some experts agree that mindfulness is a noteworthy approach when it comes to battling relapse. This is a method that involves observing your thoughts and impulses without taking any actions or getting mad about them. This practice allows you to ignore the urge to act on your impulse or the actual thing that may cause you to relapse.

These are just a handful of ways to prevent the onset of a relapse; these practices keep you in check and prevent you from feeling the urge to try the substance that led to your addiction in the first place.