Under-Stair Space—Perfect for Storage or Functional Use

Man lifting a couchA movement has arisen in New Zealand within homeowners. Although demand is still high for homes of vast proportions, a significant portion of homeowners also wants smaller houses. Small houses can be great since they cost less, and your living expenses can be significantly reduced. With a small house, however, you lack the luxury of space. This has pushed many homeowners to think of clever ways to use the extra space.

Under-Staircase Space

You can turn the space under the staircases into a storage or functional area if you have a staircase. Staircases are one of the best places for storage or other uses. Of course, your use of the space under your stairs will still depend on what kind of stairs you have. Here are a few ideas you can adapt based on the type of staircases you may have.

Open Area

Now, you may have architectural stairs or better known as floating stairs. Since such stairs don’t have the capacity to be turned into storage, you can instead convert the space under the stairs to a functional area. You can turn it into a study area or a work area. You can use the space as a home for pets or a play area for children. You can think of other ideas you can use the space for.

Storage System

With timber stairs or conventional stairways, you can use the staircase for storage. You can turn it into a pantry or cupboard system if the staircase is near the kitchen or dining area. Otherwise, you can store toys, trophies, or books through a shelving or cabinet system.

Enclosed Nook

Even with timber or conventional stairs, you can turn under-stair space into hideaway nooks where you can read. It can be a secret area where you play with your children. You can even turn the space into a mini-theatre where you can watch movies or television shows and chill.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to turning every nook and cranny of your small home into a functional area.