Types of Garage Door Track Lifts

House Garage DoorsAmong the vital components that make your garage door efficient and functional are its tracks. These contain and guide the door’s rollers which facilitate its movements. There are many parts that comprise a garage door’s track system, but the essential one is its lift.

A lift system influences your garage door installation by a Pittsburgh specialist in various ways. There are three main track lift systems available on the market today. Here are a few tidbits to help you understand them.

Standard Lift

These are the classic type of track lifts used in residential areas. A standard lift comprises a vertical track which rises to approximately eight inches less than your door’s height and a rounded section at the back of a horizontal track. These two components allow you to move the garage door horizontally.

Vertical Lift

These are common in industrial and commercial premises. Like a standard lift, this lift has a track that rises vertically. Vertical lift tracks, however, have an extra vertical track positioned away from the building’s interior wall typically at a 12–18’’ distance. This distance allows space for the lift’s springs.

High Lift

This track lift combines features of the standard and vertical lifts. It has a vertical track, high lift extension and a horizontal track which is shorter compared with the one in standard lift systems. The length of the high lift extension varies depending on your needs and application.

In a commercial building, the extension section of a high lift may rise to the door’s height then curve horizontally near the top. This makes it a viable alternative to vertical lifts in minimal space.

Regardless of the track lift system, you select from the above options, its maintenance is essential. Regular lubrication and clearing of debris from the tracks should form part of your weekly maintenance routine. Regular professional maintenance for proper alignment and tightening of loose bolts is also essential for the proper working and safety of your garage door.