To Dive For: Ingredients That Belong to the Sea are Good for Your Skin

Next time you find yourself disgusted by the slimy seaweed at the beach, consider this: swimming in it may do fantastic things for your skin.

That’s what some cultures have believed for thousands of years. In fact, plumbing the sea for skin care ingredients is a practice that Cleopatra herself, known in the ancient Egyptian times as a woman of surpassing beauty, embraced.

Today, skin care brands like are bringing back marine extracts and making a splash in the beauty aisle, with technology and harvesting techniques now more sophisticated than ever.

The Ultimate in Anti-Aging and Cell Repair

Why the deep dive? For starters, it is no coincidence that blood plasma and seawater have an almost identical chemical composition in terms of trace element and mineral levels. Seawater is so similar to the composition of human blood, that if you remove white blood cells from the body and replace it with a seawater solution (sterile and diluted of course), the body maintains normal cell function.

Researchers discovered that marine extracts could fight signs of aging and treat many types of skin condition. They are also high in antioxidants, which means they help deactivate the damaging free radicals from the sun.

More than 20,000 types of algae, in particular, contain proteins and amino acids that help keep the skin smooth and supple as well. Chlorella vulgaris, a single-celled green algae, stimulates production of four types of elastin and dermal collagen, while Laminaria digitata, a type of seaweed, retains water in the skin, ensuring it stays plump and moisturized.

Choosing a Brand

When choosing a brand, make sure that the products contain active mineral ingredients. Many skin care companies offer marine-based products, but the ingredients are not always active and may not offer you the same results.

Choose a brand that practices sustainable development, too, and a brand that does not deplete the ocean of its resources.

Obviously, there’s no reason not to switch to marine-based skin care products – because the results are truly to dive for.