To Boat Owners: 3 Items You Should Have for Your Vessel

boats by the shoreYou’re headed to a local boat shop to get a vessel and naturally, you’re quite excited about it. Don’t get too caught up in the excitement, though, or you’ll forget that there are things you may need to purchase for your vessel as well. Take a look at some of them:

For when you store it

As boats are only taken out of the water occasionally, you’ll need equipment for storing yours on land, especially if you won’t be paying for a storage facility

At home, you can keep your vessel in an outbuilding — boathouse, garage, etc. — or simply leave it out in the open, but be sure you at least have a boat stand or trailer and cover to help protect it from the elements. If you have a bass tracker, there are tracker boat covers made just for these vessels.

For when you maintain it

Maintaining your vessel will involve cleaning, polishing, and small repair works. You'll need boat soaps, stain removers, and degreasers for this task. To protect or restore your boat's various surfaces (vinyl, wood, fiberglass, etc.), you should have the appropriate waxes and polishes. For repairing cracks or holes in your boat, it’d be good to have marine sealants and tapes on hand.

For when you use it

Whether you’re taking your boat out for a half-hour cruise down the lake or a five-day expedition in the open seas, consider bringing some items for your safety. Perhaps the most important is the life jacket. Ideally, there should be one for each passenger. A VHF radio, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and signaling and sound devices like whistles and flares are also considered must-haves, particularly for larger vessels.

When you finally buy your boat, don’t forget to also purchase the items that’ll help protect not only the vessel, but also its most frequent passenger — you.