Tips & Tricks for Finding Cheap Car Rentals Online

Rising prices are a pretty common theme in every aspect of life – airfares, hotel rates and consumer goods, to name a few. One of the few sectors in which prices fell by a noticeable margin is car rentals.

The only time prices go up in people mover hire Perth is during the holiday season, when demand for vehicles of all sizes is unusually high. Consumers are benefiting largely from a consolidation among car hire rental companies. Large companies have to compete with independents for business and price wars are the way to go.

Where and how to find cheap rentals

Consumers benefit in various ways, as many rental companies have waived change and cancellation penalties. You still have to shop around, however, to find good deals. Search tools for car rentals aren’t as good as the ones available for booking air tickets and hotels. Here are a few ways to find cheap car hires in Perth.

  • Booking early is always a good way to get a great rental. This adds value for money, especially if a vehicle is required during peak season.
  • Though rental prices are high during the holiday season, they will always drop. Book early and recheck rates closer to the date, to find better prices.
  • There are a few websites offering an automated process for informing customers about their reservation for a car or vehicle if a lower rate pops up in the system.
  • A number of websites have online comparison tools and also ways to locate rental companies at airports or places of interest. This feature helps consumers find great deals at smaller rental companies which are located a few miles away.
  • Some websites include a wide range of independent rental companies, which can help with finding even luxury vehicles at reasonable rates.
  • According to a survey done on the car rental market, 40% of travellers choose car rental companies in Perth based on cheap rates. It would be good to consider other factors like tacked on fees and customer service.

Another factor to consider is whether rental companies offer unlimited miles. Also check if they let renters add additional drivers; many companies let people do that for free.

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