Tips to Successfully Organise an Expo

ID card solutionOrganising expos can be a challenge. But with a guide and a plan in hand, you can always make it a breeze and a success! To help you organise an expo successfully, this article will be your guide. It includes what you need to do and prepare beforehand to make your much-awaited event productive and smooth sailing.

Plan the event location, date/s and time.

Regardless of what type of expo you’re spearheading, you have to determine where it will be held, when it will be, and what time it’ll commence. Choose a location that’s most suitable for the event, and take into consideration your target goers and markets, and expected foot traffic.

Avoid setting up an expo on major holidays when people are mostly out of town for a quick vacation. Also, determine a schedule that is attractive to goers and will make them more likely to attend the event.

Usually, weekends (Friday-Sunday) are a good time for an expo. But, for you to maximise the opportunity a weekend event brings, make sure there are no other expos within the proximity.

To make your expo go according to plan, make sure you prepare for it in advance. Six months to a year of preparation will give you more than enough time to plan for the event and make everything manageable as much as possible.

Call in and negotiate with vendors.

After setting up the location and schedule, it’s time to invite vendors to sell their products and/or services at the expo. Let them know what the expo has in store for them that can help in the growth and exposure of their businesses. Also, get them to reserve and pay a slot in the event, and show them the floor plan so they can choose their desired

Offer additional services such as reserving a hotel for the vendors, if there’s a need for such. Also, as soon as you get the list of the vendors who confirmed to sell at the event, produce IDs for them. Vendor IDs are important since IDs give vendors authority to set up in the venue. It also gives them the credibility to deal with potential clients.

Your organising crew also need an ID to make themselves recognised in case an expo goer needs further information or assistance.

There are ID card printer companies in NZ that will help you take care of this, from the card to the lanyard.

Promote the event to the public.

Promoting the expo can be done in many ways – both offline and online. You can start posting banners that include all the event details prospect goers should know. You can also do the promotion online through social media.


Through this guide, organizing an expo becomes a breeze. Just remember to plan well and prepare in advance, and you’re off to making your event a success.