Tips For Swimming Pool Construction and Maintenance

swimming poolPool construction techniques vary based on regional climates. Pools built in places with cold climates will need better reinforcement like re-bar and thick concrete. Pool contractors in Utah like Dolphin Pools & Spas are very familiar with weather conditions. As such, they can ensure that a pool will be trouble free during its lifespan.

Important pool features for cold climates

Pool construction includes the following steps:

  • Less water added to the concrete mix which boosts resistance to damage through the freeze and thaw cycles
  • Thicker walls, starting at 12+ inches
  • More attention to features such as entry points and vanishing edges

Waterproofing is needed especially near the main mail. This is so that moisture doesn’t seep in behind the stones and tiles. Proper waterproofing prevents cracks in the walls during a freeze.

It is also important to ensure that the bottom of the pool is well outside the frost line in the soil. Shallow features like overflow gutters and catch basins should be designed well as they are built to prevent freezing.

While these items are important during construction, caring for a pool is also necessary. Contractors help customers care for their pools during winter by offering tips or doing maintenance work.

Tips on winter pool care

These maintenance steps should be observed to ensure proper pool care:

  • Emptying gutters and other areas within the pool’s frost line
  • Adding insulation to the basin
  • Leaving the hydrostatic valve open so that there is water seepage during the winter

Ensure that overflow gutters are packed with material which helps water freeze and expands. If there is no room, pipes can break as well as the concrete.

Experienced pool contractors can install and construct every kind of pool available on the market. They have the expertise to design and build a pool based on the weather and soil conditions. Get quotes from two or three companies along with references before picking one to build yours.