How Important is Roof Insulation in Tauranga?

Scientists say that “the higher you go the cooler it becomes”. Inside the house, things are somehow different; the heat is concentrated in the roof. If your house has no insulation, it’s like you are living in a bucket, literally. Your house may lose up to 25% of the heat…

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There’s nothing wrong with a small living space. People are, in fact, ‘downsizing’ when it comes to homes these days (alluding to the rising popularity of so-called ‘tiny’ homes). Folks are giving in to the intimate feel that such small-scale homes provide, as well as their supposed affordability compared to…

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Mortgage Loan Process: Your Step-by-Step Guide


Applying for a mortgage is not as difficult as you think when you find the right lender. To understand the mortgage process better, get know more about the step-by-step procedure. Determine what you want to achieve, be it to purchase a property, refinance an existing mortgage, or some other options….

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