Stuck in a Bad Marriage: Should You Let Go?

a couple holding a broken heart cutoutWhile fading love or passion should not be your sole reason for separation or divorce, it is still important to evaluate your marriage as a whole. If the issue is more than just about faded passion and you’re no longer happy, it is normal to consider divorce as a way of letting go of a bad marriage. This is especially true if you have been trying to work things out for a long time without any success.

Divorce lawyers from Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. in Utah share the signs you might be stuck in a bad marriage:

You fight constantly and intensely.

Arguments may be common in relationships, but you also need to look at how and how often you and your partner fight. If you argue more often and the way both of you does it completely different from what your fights used to be, you might be in a bad marriage. One example unable to recognize the person you or your spouse have become while fighting. There may also be yelling, violence, or bringing up past mistakes while arguing.

You don’t care about each other anymore.

There is a serious problem in a relationship when your spouse doesn’t acknowledge your feelings anymore or stopped caring for your emotions a long time ago. Lack of communication can draw people apart, with devastating effects like losing the love, passion, connections, and other elements needed to stay in love.

You don’t spend time together anymore.

This is synonymous with the feeling of like living with a stranger. If you and your spouse share the same house but stopped trying to do or try new things anymore, it is likely for the distance or gap in the relationship to grow bigger as years go by. There is also a lack of appreciation, especially when you or partner prefers to spend free time alone on their own or with others.

When problems arise in a marriage, resolving conflicts is better than calling it quits. If both of you, however, are arguing more often and are not willing to make compromises, it is essential to assess whether or not the marriage can be saved. If you have decided to call it quits, you may want to consult a divorce lawyer to learn more about your options and to protect your rights.