Starting a Dental Practice…On Your Own

Starting Dental PracticeYou’ve studied hard, and now you’re a professional dentist. But instead of becoming an associate dentist, why not start from the top and open your dental practice? Be a boss and carve a career in dentistry doing it your way.

After taking a five-year dental degree, most young dentists find work with a local practice. The starting salary for associate dentists starts at around £25,000. In recent years, however, wages have been steadily falling. This is due to a combination of austerity (there are fewer jobs available)  and more people wanting to be associate dentists.

One solution for enthusiastic new people entering the profession is to start up their own business.

Consider Location

Before buying a dental practice, consider its location and the surrounding area’s foot traffic. The number one rule is to check the competition in the area. Some areas may already have several dental surgeries, so it could pay to set up a practice somewhere else.

You should also consider whether the property is near bus or tram routes, available parking spaces and whether there are accessories for clients with disabilities.

Write a Business Plan

The first step is to write a business plan. The plan should consider the funding for your business and offer a realistic and conservative forecast of profit and loss. It should convince financing companies and lenders how feasible your business will be. You might need to invest your own money into the practice in its early days.

Opening Offers

When you find the ideal property, you should advertise the new practice through the Internet with mobile-friendly websites and social media sites. You can also approach local radio stations and local newsletters. Offering special deals such as discounts, free promotional items in the first week can encourage new patients to drop by your clinic.

For a promising career in oral health, open and manage a dental practice that suits your career plans, business model, and dental specialization.