Starters’ Guide to Reselling SEO Services

Man looking at a wall of SEO conceptIn today’s competitive world, it is not enough to be good with what you are doing. You should likewise know how to sell your skills and expertise to get clients and close deals.

Even those working in the online business field should be able to sell themselves. One of the most popular avenues today is reselling search engine optimisation (SEO) services. An SEO reseller company may allow you to resell their services under your own brand. You can focus on growing your business whilst they take care of the technical backend work.

But in a world full of SEO experts, how will you make your white label SEO services stand out?


You need to make your client trust and believe in you. There is no better way to do that than by establishing your credibility in every way possible. You will be assessed as a person and as a professional. Make sure you give your prospective clients what they are looking for.

Know what your customers want and need

One effective way of getting your client’s attention and trust is to know and give what they want and need. If a company specialises in a certain field and is looking for an SEO expert on their line of work, be sure you are the right person for the job. By giving them what they want, they will know the importance and value of your work to their company.


If you do not believe in yourself, your clients would not either. Be confident with your work. The last thing a reseller wants is buying SEO services from someone who doubts his own output.

Set a goal

Having a goal is a sign that you are serious about what you are doing. Set a goal that coincides with that of your client (if possible). Make sure you set a standard that your clients will definitely appreciate and agree upon.

You might be reselling other people’s output, but it still does not change the fact that you are selling and marketing yourself. You only have one chance; make sure you do it well.