Sports and How It Can Help Turn Children into Leaders

tennis as a sportLetting a child enroll in a leadership charter school in Raleigh, North Carolina, such as Ravenscroft is one of the effective ways to raise responsible, well-rounded children. The question is, how do these schools promote leadership skills? One of the strategies is athletics.

The Connection Between Sports and Leadership

Many studies have already established the positive relationship between sports and leadership skills. In 2014, a Cornell University study revealed that teens who engaged in sports during their younger years were more likely to win in the job race.

Companies saw them as more confident and respectful. They were also considered to be leadership material. A possible explanation may be the fact these varsity players engaged in charitable activities, including volunteerism.

Volunteering, on the other hand, provides a wide variety of benefits. In an article in Huffington Post, Mark Horoszowski of cited how the activity can force a person to be creative, social, and adapt to the new environment.

Children who participate in extracurricular activities such as sports turn out to be more disciplined even later in life. This is the finding of a University of Montreal study in 2015.

According to the data they obtained from both parents and teachers, by the time the students were already in fourth grade, they performed better in following instructions. They also had more focus.

Sports can also teach teens one of the core values of leadership, which is teamwork. It can show them how to assess every member’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to maximize everybody’s potential. They can also provide the right motivation and project for their subordinates.

They also learn to be attentive, empathize, and listen to their teammates. In the process, these qualities will promote a more engaged employee. People who are highly engaged in the workplace tend to be the most productive and most efficient. They are also the ones who stick with the company.

When it comes to choosing a North Carolina school, it’s therefore essential to not only focus on the academics but also the activities that encourage more holistic children — those that hone their leadership qualities.