Some Tips When Considering Applying for a Title Loan

Title LoansWhen you need some quick cash for emergency purposes, try a short-term loan, such as a title loan. A word of caution, though: They can be very expensive. If you don’t pay them, you could lose the collateral, whether it is your car or your snowmobile.

There are many providers of short-term loans in Utah. Title loans, according to Utah Money Center, are in popular demand because it is easy to secure them. Before getting one, be mindful of some important factors to guide you in choosing the right company and paying the loan successfully.


Lending companies with experience is a testament to industry knowledge and borrower trust. If a company has been working with borrowers for a long time, you can expect that the lending process — from the determination of the ‘equity in the vehicle’ to the whole payment period — is taken fairly and within regulatory limits.

Rates and Fees

The interest rate is a deciding factor when comparing title loan companies. Rates vary from lender to lender and from one place to another. Higher rates prevent you from making timely payments.

So choose the rates that are more manageable. Apart from the interest rate, there are hidden fees included in the loan. Often, these fees outstrip the gain you get from lower interest rates. Make sure you read the contract before signing it.


Lenders are very strict with the payment schedule. Fees or charges for late payments are a safety net. But it is common to face issues with your payments as unexpected events may occur.

A lender with flexible rules can easily adjust to these instances. Look for those that offer some form of flexibility in loan repayment.

There can be lenders who have been serving for a long time but have a bad reputation with clients. To know more about a lender’s brand, interview past borrowers. Ask about their experience. You can also get information from online reviews or borrower testimonials.