Sleeping Less: Why Are You Doing It?

a girl who has insomniaWhile sleep plays an important role in both our physical and mental health, many of us are still sleeping less. If this is the same for you, your beliefs about sleeping may be the culprit behind this deprivation. This is especially true if you believe that you can catch up on sleep on weekends or think that you teach your body to function better with less slumber.

Catching Up on Loss Sleep

Sleeping a couple more hours in weekend seem like a good idea to balance out your sleep debt. The truth is, however, you cannot catch up on lost sleep with a snooze marathon. There are also cumulative health repercussions from sleep deprivation.

If you constantly sleep later on Saturdays and Sundays, you unknowingly alter the sleep schedule of your body. This then makes it harder for you to get quality sleep in the succeeding week.

Quantity and Quality

Sleeping for seven to eight hours doesn’t mean you will feel extremely rested the next day. You also need to pay attention to the quality of your slumber. While some hours of sleep can fill your night, it may fall short in performing the restorative functions that your body needs. Your daily habits affect your sleep quality, so it’s a good idea to make positive changes to sleep better naturally. 2 Brothers Mattress and other mattress stores also recommend investing in quality beds and pillows.

Functioning with Less Sleep

Busy lifestyles today have made sleep more uncommon. With less sleep, however, a lot functions in your body are compromised. It can make you irritable, impair your concentration, as well as make you feel confused and distressed. Experts also suggest that you cannot teach your body to need less sleep. You may be able to get by fine with limited sleep, but you should know that it’s likely to limit you cognitively. You shouldn’t ignore the negative effects of sleep deprivation.

Revisit your beliefs about sleeping and start training yourself to sleep better. This may mean going to bed when you’re tired, establishing a pre-bedtime routine, and waking up the same time every day. It also helps to modify your bedroom by keeping it dark, quiet, and cool. Don’t forget to buy a new mattress or pillows if yours aren’t keeping you well-rested.