Short-Term Apartment Rentals: Things You Need to Know

While finding the perfect short-term accommodation is not that easy, there are ways to set yourself apart and get the rental you want without breaking your budget. Being organised and planning are the keys to make sure that the accommodation is right for you.

The site shares a few tips to secure the place you really want:

Start the Search Early

Eliminate some stress and extra cost by planning at least two to three months in advance. While it may seem a little too much, you have to remember that good vacation rentals usually get booked fast. You can contact brokerages or individual agents that are known in the area you are visiting.

Check Different Sources

When looking for a short-term rental, it is important to consult different sources. Leave your options open by talking to different agents and checking multiple websites. It is best to learn more about the area you’re visiting to get an idea of the prices of accommodation rentals.

Examine the Contract

Once you found the place you wanted, don’t overlook the importance of a rental contract. This will outline your payment schedule and your liability in cases of damages in the room or apartment. Be sure you understand who pays for phone service, utility bills, Internet, housekeeping, and cable. Understand the management’s policies regarding subleasing and pets.

Don’t Forget the Deposit

Some short-term rentals usually require a significant security deposit. Make sure that you include this in your budget. Be aware of the process by which your deposit will be returned to avoid arguments at the end of your rental agreement period. In addition, be sure that you know the rate per day or week, and the minimum period of stay.

Renting a short-term home doesn’t always have to be difficult. Careful planning can help make your holiday more enjoyable and assure you that you’ll get the rental you prefer. With these simple steps, you can be sure that your trip will be stress-free.

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  1. you really have to plan early so you get a wider variety of what is available. careful planning is such a good term.

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