Roof Modifications that Can Create an Eco-friendly Home

Commercial Roofers in Houston Energy efficiency is now an integral part of our world’s sustainability, and it should start in the home. One of the things that you can do is making the different parts of your house more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Roofs are no exception to this since you can also optimize them for energy efficiency using the following features.


If you haven’t had your roof optimally insulated, then your HVAC system would suffer greatly, along with your utility payments. Not only does insulation protect you and your household from extreme temperature changes brought by the seasons or sudden shifts in the weather, but it also helps retain any cooling or heating that you’ve set in your home. With proper insulation, you extend your HVAC’s life, reduce your utility cost and keep everyone in the house free from discomfort.

Green Roof

Have you always wanted to have actual garden plots, but you have no space for it in your Houston property? If your roof is strong, sturdy and has a gentle enough slope, then installing a green roof is your best bet. It allows you to plant crops, herbs and flowering plants on the top of your house. The plants provide some benefits such as insulation, cleaner air, reduced water runoff, reduced noise, and, not to mention, a better-looking roof.

Solar Roof

Tapping on solar power is an excellent way to save on your primary source of energy and further reduce electricity bills. Also, with the further advancements of solar technology, you don’t have to settle on big, clunky solar panels that are difficult to install. With the help of specialized commercial roofers in Houston, you can now install smaller panels that fit just like roof shingles and can go well with your roof’s design.

Gone are the days when roofs had limited functions. These eco-friendly changes to your roof will change the way you live and improve the neighborhood as well. Aside from giving protection and adding aesthetics, your roof can offer you a volley of other advantages.