Remodelling Without an Interior Designer? You Can Do It

couple deciding on swatchesWith higher expectations and greater value put on aesthetics, you feel pressured to have a picture-perfect home. This includes even the smallest corner, which can be decked with trinkets that tie the room’s design together. The kitchen and the bathroom need to be on point even for unplanned guests.

Does this mean you need to spend a lot of money on hiring an interior designer? Design your house your way without the extra cut on your budget by doing the following:

Thinking Creatively

Your San Diego kitchen and bath design does not have to follow the rules set by highbrow interior designers. The only thing they have to follow is your preference. It’s your home, so be as creative as you want. Mix and match textures and go with a crazy theme if you want. There’s nothing stopping you.

Taking Inspiration

Pinterest is free and filled with all the good things you need. From seasonal curtains and prints to evergreen plants you can have indoors, the website has got you covered. There are palettes to strike up some ideas, and some rooms have already been designed for you to adapt to your available space. Don’t think there’s anything on Pinterest for you? A simple refresh can give you new content tailored to your preferences, so keep looking.

Designing Instinctively

What many don’t realize when designing a home is that it should adapt to their activities, not the other way around. You know how often you use that couch and what is the most comfortable set up for the family. When redesigning these spaces, all you have to think about is how you would use it and if it would make movement easier for the family. As much as it is viewed important these days, aesthetics is still only second to functionality.

Your home shows your passion, creativity, and interests. Don’t be afraid to take on the designing by yourself.