Q&A: Top Cleaning Concerns for Your Commercial Establishment Today

Janitor cleaning the floorCompanies that offer commercial cleaning services could be ringing your phone at this moment. You would hear all sorts of offers, but don’t be easily swayed. Instead, get a glimpse of their service by asking the representative a few essential questions.

“How do you deal with a foul smell in an interior space?”

The smell of your office is one of the first things visitors or clients notice. Getting rid of a bad smell in the office can be difficult, but it can prevent you from losing important clients. So, it is only prudent to ask a cleaning company what it does to remove foul smell in an interior space.

“What are your safety protocols?”

Apart from asking the brand of cleaning products the crew uses, spend considerable time learning about the cleaning company’s safety protocols. Cleaning companies, after all, are responsible for training their staff in proper handling of hazardous cleaning solutions.

To protect the health of every person in your company, check the American Cleaning Institute’s Ingredient Safety Initiative and the Federal Hazardous Substances Act, which are both available online.

“Is your company bonded and insured?”

Reputable commercial cleaners are bonded and insured. Meaning, they are responsible if their employee gets injured while cleaning at your facility. So, it is crucial to ask if the company you want to hire is bonded and insured. Forte Commercial Cleaning Utah also recommends you inquire about a company’s business licensing and other credentials.

“What is your company’s take on green cleaning?”

The impact of daily activities on the environment cannot be determined accurately. But, there is adequate data showing the harmful effects of some cleaning solutions activities on the environment. You can keep your office sparkly clean and be socially responsible at the same time. Just make sure the company you hire follows green cleaning practices.

Before hiring janitorial services for your office, check out the services of commercial cleaning companies near you. Compare their offers and use the questions above as a guide in choosing the company that best suits your needs and requirements.