Putting up a business? Try a home inspection franchise

group of people holding a franchise signIf you are thinking of putting up your own business, maybe after retiring from your 9-to-5 work or just plainly wanting to be more involved in your community while profiting, take your chance in a home inspection franchise opportunity.

Investing in home inspection would not require you to have much of a professional background or any business experience. So, what can you expect from such franchise?

What an inspector does

Inspectors typically do full home inspections, evaluating your home from its structure to its internal systems. They examine your electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems. They look at your home’s foundation, its walls, roofs, ceiling, and flooring. The windows and doors are inspected thoroughly too. Areas like the basement and attic are also tested for termites, mold, and bugs. For air quality checks, radon testing is done. Some franchises also check pools and spa facilities.

Professional options

Whether you are a home inspector or someone who wants to invest in home inspecting, you can consider your professional options. Putting up your own company and managing its operations and the employees would take a lot of time and attention from you. Especially if you are trying to limit your professional involvement to spend more time with your family, establishing your own business will have to go through the pains of startups. Your best option is to buy a franchise. While you focus on your inspection operations, the franchise will take care of itself from marketing to operational resources.

What you will get from the franchisor

Home inspectors of a franchise will receive all the resources, including brand capital, from the franchisor. Franchisors will provide the business plans and marketing plans, technical training, and essential franchise software or applications. Apart from those, they ensure brand recognition, hence a needed boost to your business’ reputation. Since key resources are already provided, you will have more time on your inspections, and maybe, community outreach.