Popular Social Media Tools That Can Improve Customer Retention

Social Media button on a keyboard with speech bubbles.Online marketing is the most efficient way to reach your clients in the current business world. Getting your clients to your pages requires significant effort in terms of money and time. Keeping them on your pages and using them to boost your SEO ranking requires expertise.

You should, therefore, hire a New York SEO agency, such as Coforge Marketing, to help effect strategies to retain the clients on your social media pages. Constant communication is the primary way to keep your online customers engaged. Here are some popular social media networks you can use to keep clients on your pages.

Instagram Stories

Instagram reaches a broader audience compared to most visual platforms. Instagram stories are the best way you can keep consumers who find long-read articles boring on your page. Showcasing your products and services via Instagram stories is one way you can use this platform. You can also create stories with engaging tips and helpful tutorials.

Facebook Live Broadcasts

82% of social media audiences prefer watching live broadcasts to reading posts. Facebook live broadcasts are the best way to announce your upcoming events and ignite an interest in your customers. These live-streams are two-sided channels of communication. You should hence ensure you interact with your audience during your live-stream. Encourage them to continue the conversation even after your video ends.

Customer Care Chatbots

Customer service is an integral part of customer retention. Chatbots are the new “voice” in customer service. These computer programs respond to client texts and digital chats in an efficient manner. Chatbots can be scripted to reflect your brand identity and encourage your customers to remain engaged.

To remain relevant in a constantly changing digital realm, you need to keep up with the current trends. Ensure you remain active in social media and tailor your strategies to suit the changing client needs. This is the best way to reap attractive ROI.