Popular and Destructive Species of Termite

Close-up of termitesTermites cost property owners billions of dollars every year in the USA alone. They are primarily notorious for attacking wood, but this doesn’t mean you are off the hook if you live in a stone or brick home. These tiny pests can damage your plaster, insulation, books, door and window frames, as well as your structural supports.
There are numerous termite species with the most destructive ones being discussed by Sure Shot Pest Control below.

Drywood Termites

This species lives above the ground and creates habitats inside the trees and wood, gradually feeding off them from the inside. They use humidity from the surrounding air to make their nests. When drywood termites infest a home, they make their habitat in attics or any wooden materials.
These termites are dangerous, as they live and eat wood from inside, making wooden structures and trees appear perfectly fine from the outside yet they are crumbling from within. Having your home inspected by termite control experts regularly is advisable to avoid excessive damage.

Subterranean Termites

Also known as ground termites, these pests live underground in colonies. Wood is their primary source of food, and they can dig for several meters to get to it. Subterranean termites are notorious for destroying support beams, home foundations, and insulation, as well as plastic pipes.

Formosan Termites

This type of termite is considered the most destructive. It is believed that these pests arrived in the U.S. from China and accessed the country through major ports. They subsequently spread throughout the U.S. via infected wooden stakes on the railroads. Formosan termites are fond of living in the trees and attacking wood, among other cellulose-based items. Like tiny pirates, this species is also notorious for invading boats.
The feeding behavior of termites helps in breaking down detritus, which adds nutrients to the soil. However, the same beneficial mode of feeding has proven to wreak havoc in homes because they feed on wood, affecting the strength and safety of buildings. As such, getting professional assistance in eliminating termites from homes is the most reasonable course of action.