Flexing Your Knowledge of Flex Sensors

flex sensors

Being flexible is one of the many key qualities that an individual should possess to meet life’s challenges. In certain industrial applications, a material’s flexibility is an important matter as well. But how do you measure how flexible a material is? The answer is to use a device called a…

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Why Launch Parties Never Get Old

function venues

Naturally, you would want to introduce your brand to the market in the trendiest, most fun way possible. This will establish and increase exposure, especially if your product is about innovation and style. A launch party might just be the best way to go about it – here are some…

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Nowadays, a majority of the population prefers energy-efficient electronic products. Most people these days have LCD televisions and monitors; not only are they more aesthetically pleasing, but they also require less power and space as well. LCD television sets also have a number of attractive features that persuades people to…

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Fragile Means Nothing

fragile boxes

There are hundreds of urban myths that float around different industries. Most people dismiss such topics as just myths, but are they really? One of the most notorious and persistent urban legends is that the fragile sticker on packages means nothing to delivery personnel. It turns out that this may…

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