Not So White: Why Your Smile Lacks Sparkle

Teeth Whitening in Napa

No matter how hard you try to keep up with regular brushing and flossing, you may still feel that your smile is not as white as it used to be. This is a common complaint in most adults, noting that their teeth now exude a yellowish or a brownish hue. Many also long to whiten their teeth to have a bright and healthy looking smile.

If this is also the case for you, it is important to know how or why your pearly whites change color. Cosmetic dentists in Napa share what habits or things darken your teeth.

Foods and Beverages

Major teeth strainers include coffee, wine, and tea. These contain chromogens, strong color pigments that attach to the enamel of the outer layer of the tooth. If you drink any of these beverages every day, you are likely to have darkened teeth over time.

Smoking and Tobacco

Both cigarette smoking and tobacco use change your teeth’s color over time. The tar and nicotine used in tobacco tarnish your pearly whites, making it look yellowish or brownish. The sad part is, it could also result in tooth loss if accompanied with poor diet and oral hygiene.

Age and Trauma

The outer layer of the tooth thins or wears down over time. This causes the yellowish color of the dentin to become more visible. Trauma in the teeth or mouth, meanwhile, leads to teeth color changes as a way of reacting to the injury. It lays down more dentin, resulting in darkened smile.

Certain Medications

Some medications like the antihistamine and those used for high blood pressure can also darken your teeth. Kid’s exposure to certain antibiotics like doxycycline or tetracycline (in the womb or when the teeth are forming) may also result in discoloration in adult years. Chemotherapy also has the same effect.

Teeth whitening is available in toothpaste, DIY beaching, and in-office bleaching. The latter produces the best result and may only require one dental visit. Chairside bleaching may also involve the use of laser or special light to enhance the effect of the bleaching agent.