Motivation Matters: What it takes to Make Learning Fun

Ever wish your students were more motivated? Most people think that learning only happens when children are quiet and serious. Students today, however, have an average attention span of just 10 minutes. Whether it is taking the time to read instructions carefully or even just being part of a discussion without sleeping, many teachers quickly become irritated with their students in class.

Keeping students engaged and motivated can be difficult, even for the best teachers. So it is important to be aware of learning strategies that are both fun and effective.

Organise an educational trip

Not all learning can be done in the classroom. Schedule an educational school trip to premier destinations worldwide. It can provide students with an exciting learning experience through hands-on activities. Do not deprive students of rich and memorable experiences that give them a sense of a wider world. Whether it is a school trip for science, art, or geography, students will understand that learning does not only take place within the classroom.

Pay attention to interests

The things that interest your students often stay in their heads longer than things that they find boring. If you make learning fun, students are more likely to find something that really interests them. Take the time to ask them about their hobbies and interests. Think about ways to use it in a lesson. Motivated students have higher achievement and show better understanding.

Award students for learning

Recognise work in class, send positive notes to parents, or give a gift certificate. Praise students in ways big and small. Even a free lunch can encourage students to perform at higher levels. Everyone likes the feeling of accomplishment and recognition.

Fun is not only beneficial to learning, but required for long-term memory and authentic learning. Follow these steps to make sure your students become more motivated when they get back to school.