Missing Teeth, Bone Loss and Dental Implants

The effects of tooth loss go beyond unsightly gaps. Whilst aesthetic issues are what bother people the most, the consequences of missing a single or multiple teeth can also be profound. It may greatly affect your smile, as well as the way you look and feel, but it can also have social and psychological repercussions.

Apart from these effects, loss of teeth can also result in subtle structural changes. The cheeks may slightly sink in, giving you an older appearance. If not replaced, tooth loss may lead to loss of bone, which can result in more serious functional and aesthetic problems. It is also likely that your ability to speak and chew may be impaired, and you will be more susceptible to jaw fractures.

The Wise Replacement

Fortunately, modern dentistry can now address tooth loss and avoid bone loss. Dental implants are stronger and look more natural than a fixed bridge or a removable denture. Although it is costlier initially, it is more cost-effective as the survival time is greater. Research, furthermore, shows that it includes decreased the risk of gum disease and no risk of tooth decay.

Restore Normal Teeth Function

Implants do not just replace a few missing teeth. Dental implant clinics in Walsall note that they are also beneficial in supporting bridges and denture, ideal for those who have multiple tooth loss or those who lost all of their teeth. An implant supported bridge or denture is more stable, with the benefits of jawbone maintenance. As dental implants help stimulate the bone, these allow for the normal function of the mouth, along with muscles, joints, and nerves.

Physical and Psychological Improvement

As implants look and function like natural teeth, they provide eating enjoyment and social life. You no longer have to avoid certain foods and you can speak and smile with confidence. You can eat more efficiently and there is no fear of talking, smiling, and laughing in public. This results in overall physical and psychological health improvement.

If you have one or more missing teeth, act immediately. Note the bone loss continues when missing teeth are not replaced. Talk your dentist about implants to make informed decisions about your smile and health.