Master Networking Skills Through a CompTIA Network+ Certification

Young IT administrator installing a new rack mount serverIT professionals who want to specialize in how to design, manage, configure, and troubleshoot networks can take a CompTIA Network+ certification. This paves the way for positions like helpdesk technicians, network support specialists, and network administrators.

Before taking the exams, CertBlaster suggests taking a Network+ practice test. These tests are useful because they provide a simulated exam in a similar format as the real thing. Test takers can also use feedback specific to topic areas that need improvement instead of going over the entire content.

Gaining an Edge Over Competitors

Unlike other credentials, a Network+ certification is not vendor-specific, like Cisco and Microsoft. Vendor-specific certifications tie a person to a single specialty. Vendor-neutral certifications such as CompTIA, on the other hand, certify an employee to work on multiple platforms and functions. After all, it hones an employee’s skills in various IT concepts that apply to devices and applications from any vendor.

It can also help employees rise above the competition — global organizations like Apple, Dell, and Intel recognize the certifications.

Vast Network Platform Coverage

The certification exam tests a person’s knowledge of different devices, such as how they communicate with each other and how to troubleshoot network problems. Employees will need a strong handle on network concepts, network media and typologies, network devices, security devices, network management, and more.

Possible Career Tracks

CompTIA Network+ certifications open up various career opportunities. Those who earn the credential can become technicians (those who troubleshoot network issues and install equipment), security specialists (those secure people, assets, and networks), and administrators (those who manage day-to-day network issues and maintains high-quality services).

Furthermore, getting a certification qualifies a professional to train others in that discipline, adding credibility to their knowledge helps them become a trainer for future Network+ students.

The Network+ certification exam is a small price to pay compared to the reward of boosting one’s earning potential. After finishing Network+, professionals can take it further through additional certifications for network pros, such as Cloud+, Linux+, and Mobility+.