Living with a Partner: Can You Even Ask for Share in Mortgage Payment?

When you’re living with a partner, there are many complexities that you have to face especially issues on the mortgage payment. This may be controversial but knowing these matters will save you from plenty of trouble.

Okay, this is a particularly controversial topic, since normally spouses share in mortgage payments but there’s really no standard when it comes to unmarried couples. If you and your partner are living in a rental apartment or condo unit, perhaps such question may not be so tricky. But what if you or your partner owns that condo unit and pays for the mortgage dues every month? Should the partner who moved in be required to pay and how much must the share be?

A Non-Legal Issue

Obviously, if you’re the owner of a condo unit in Michigan, hauling your partner’s bottom to court to demand a share in mortgage payments may not be a good idea. As an owner and in the eyes of the law, you alone have the obligation to pay for your condo’s mortgage.

What Legal Experts Say

This notion was further stressed by when it said in a published article that the law views the couple in this case as separate individuals. Therefore, as distinct and single entities, their obligations to debts and mortgages are exclusive and not mutual.

Cordial Agreement

Although the law may view the couple as such, there is no prohibition on whether you have a cordial agreement with your partner to share in the monthly payments. More so when your partner finds out that Michigan mortgage rates aren’t so high after all, then such sharing arrangement can be easily agreed upon.

A Downturn

Although such arrangement is fine, you can’t expect it to be permanent, particularly since relationships can turn sour any minute. Supposing things did not go well for both of you, but your partner continued to live in your home for the next four months without sharing in the payments. Can you still impose that agreement?

Reality Bites

If it’s not in black and white, then, unfortunately, no. According to The Law Society, unlike married couples, there is no legal path for you to collect from your partner the four months’ unpaid share. What you can do is to evict your partner from your home immediately and even without a court order.

Everything about a mortgage is easy to understand. It only becomes difficult when complicated things, such as the relationship described above, happen. In such scenario, ensuring that your interests are properly protected should be your priority. This way, whatever happens, you’ll come out the winner.