The Lines of Defense to Protect Yourself from Cyber Menace

A particular malware called Ransomware recently created a buzz on the Internet. This malicious software locks computers and uses law enforcement imagery to intimidate its victims. It also disables the functionality of a computer and later displays a message that demands payment to restore functionality. It’s an extortion racket that has spread from Europe to Canada and the United States.

Malware Protection

How do criminals profit from it?

According to trusted IT consulting services, Ransomware is highly profitable and about 2.9 percent of compromised users pay out because they want to restore access to their computer. Unfortunately, criminals behind this scam often don’t restore functionality, even if the victim does pay up.

How do I protect myself?

A reliable antivirus program will protect your computers from cyber threats. You also need to work with IT service companies that provide data center solutions. Not only do these firms ensure you have the right programs installed, they also create backups as well as end-user trainings.

Anti-virus programs like Norton, IT consulting service providers like Onepath Systems or other online cloud backup solutions can protect you from these threats. Just make sure to read some reviews before buying or subscribing to their services.

Though you can’t totally prevent malware from attacking your system, you can take certain steps to reduce the risk. Keep these simple tips in mind so you won’t fall victim to cyber criminals.