Latest Technologies You Should Consider for Your Replacement Glass Window

Worker installing a windowGlass windows remain a popular choice for modern buildings. These windows fit perfectly with the push toward maximum natural lighting and open living spaces. Glass windows are unfortunately prone to completely shattering or developing small cracks.

A wholly shattered glass window is generally replaced, but most property owners ignore cracks, more so when they are in corners. Even the smallest crack, when not evaluated by a glass repair expert in Auckland, might significantly weaken your glass. Depending on the age of your glass window, location, and size of the crack, the experts might recommend replacing your window. Here are a few technologies you can pick for your replacement window.

Low-E Glass

This is the standard solar control glass type. It has a transparent coating that admits adequate sunlight to brighten your interior while reflecting a considerable portion of solar heat. Low-E glass is hence the best choice for property owners who are worried about escalating indoor cooling costs.

Smart Windows

This is another solar control product that darkens and lightens on command or automatically, depending on the intensity of sunlight. Smart windows use electrochromic technology in which an electric current causes a colour change on a transparent window coating. Other than reducing indoor heat, smart windows also reduce glare. Hence, you do not need to use shades or blinds with them.

Self-Cleaning Glass

The amount spent on hiring experts to clean your windows from the exterior can now be negated with self-cleaning glass. This glass features a covering with hydrophilic characteristics, which allows water to sheet over without spotting or streaking. The coating also utilises UV rays from sunshine to disintegrate organic dirt on your windows over time.

Despite the benefits the above technologies offer, they are relatively inexpensive. You do not need to stick to old glass windows that frequently break and cost a lot to repair. Replace them with windows incorporating the above technologies and enjoy lowered energy costs and clean windows.