Latest Areas of Technological Advances in Plumbing Technology

Smiling plumber at workPlumbing is an essential part of any property. Most people do not, however, pay much attention to their plumbing until it goes wrong. If you are replacing, repairing, or even installing plumbing in a new building, there are technological advancements you should take advantage of.

Even the latest plumbing fixtures will, however, amount to nothing much if not installed by a qualified and licensed plumber in Salt Lake City such as Whipple Service Champions. You should hence always ensure you get an expert to handle your plumbing.

Here are some of the latest plumbing technologies you can invest in.

Personal comfort and style

Toilets and bathrooms are not the same drab areas anymore. There has been increased focus on comfort for users of these two areas. Incorporating LED lighting in different areas of the bathroom and toilet helps property owners integrate style, design and luxury elements in these areas.

You can also include streaming music with wireless technology for your comfort when using the bathroom and toilet.

Energy efficiency

Going green is one of the driving forces worldwide, and the plumbing world has not been left behind. Energy efficient fixtures are now readily available in the plumbing world. Tankless water heaters and motion-sensor plumbing fixtures are some of the latest eco-friendly and energy-efficient technologies in plumbing.

Motion-sensor operated sinks and toilets control water flow and minimize water wastage.


Plumbing technologies are now focusing on more hygienic living spaces. Touch-free plumbing fittings are the new frontier in sanitation. This technology provides a hands-free experience in faucets and toilets which significantly cuts down on the dissemination of contaminants and germs.

This ultimately promotes a healthier environment.

New technological advances are made daily in the plumbing world. It might be hard for you to keep up and access these technological advancements. It is hence prudent to partner with a reputable and up-to-date plumbing company to reap the benefits of these advancements.