Keep the House Warm in the Cold Months with Good Attic Insulation

Men installing insulationKeeping a house warm during the cold months can be costly. The rising energy prices are not helpful at all. Adequate insulation helps solve the problem.

In some homes in Kansas, it is often necessary to rework or install attic insulation so that it transfers air to the outside optimally. There are different categories of materials to use, which include batt, loose-fill, rigid board, and spray foam.


The raw materials in this category undergo a process similar to that of spinning cotton candy. Typical components of loose-fill materials are mineral wool, fiberglass, and cellulose. Certain areas of the attic require this type of material, which is placed as densely packed installation or blown into a specific quadrant. This material is quite popular in new construction projects. You may also use adhesives to insulate the walls properly.


Batts are large sections of materials made from rock, wool, mineral, or fiberglass. If you have a proper facemask, a pair of gloves, and a utility knife, you can install the material easily with adhesive binders. They hold together easily because they come in interweaving fibers. You should fit them well between joists but be careful not to compress the material too much or they will not function properly.

Rigid foam board

This type of material can be used as exterior sheathing. They serve as an effective insulating material and as an air barrier and supporting matrix where there’s structural weakness. Its main advantage is versatility, as it can be used in both internal and external applications. In some instances, a rigid foam board functions to support batts.

Spray foam

Spray-on products made from loose-fill and cellulose mixed with adhesive are popular these days. You may also use professionally applied polyisocyanurate and polyurethane. Ask your local insulation company for current open-cell and closed-cell options.

Good resistance to thermal transfer is the quality you must look for in any insulation material. You must pay attention to these matters even before winter arrives.