Keep Moving: 3 Fun Exercises for the Elderly

Elderly ExercisingExercise is the last thing older people would want to do to fill up their day. With aches here and there, bending and flexing >are just too hard of a task to do. For some, it’s just plain boring — walking around the village? Where’s the excitement there? So naturally, exercise is just not a priority.

But it should be.

Numerous studies show that physical activity reduces the risk of diseases, promotes mobility and flexibility, and improves mood. All important for a happy senior life.

If you have a senior in the family, it’s your responsibility to encourage him/her to keep moving. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, as some seniors might think. Here are some fun exercises for your mum, dad, or any older adult in your home:


This activity improves muscle strength and endurance. It also keeps the heart and lungs healthy. It’s just an all-over body workout since all muscles are used when swimming. You may enrol them in swimming classes near your community. Or you can build your own pool right at your backyard. That way, there won’t be any excuse to skip exercise. Even with a small space, you can build lap pools. Perth‘s modern homes commonly have this type of pool to encourage fitness not just among seniors, but in children, as well.


Who says tapping your feet and flailing your arms to the beat of pop music isn’t exercise? Encourage seniors to dance. Improving the sense of balance, dancing can prevent fatal injuries from falls. It’s also a good cardiovascular workout. Plus, you can do it right in your own home. It can be a good bonding activity with their grandchildren.


For those who want a more relaxed physical activity, this would be your best bet. Yoga improves strength and flexibility while enhancing stability and balance. Sign up your parents in beginners’ or seniors’ classes. Or if you’re planning to do this in your home with an instructional video, make sure that you at least have someone with your loved one who is familiar with the movements to ensure safety.
Exercise has a lot of physical and mental benefits seniors can definitely take advantage of. Encourage your loved ones to move more often.