Invisalign Aligners Are Clear on VAT Exemption

Invisalign technology continues to help people achieve cosmetically-correct teeth alignments that enhance their looks.

However, compared to traditional dental aligners, Invisalign comes with a steep price tag, especially once Value Added Tax (VAT) is added to the bill. Covering the cost of treatment can be particularly expensive for patients who do not have health insurance.

Thankfully, though, The Priory Dental Practice notes that, like dental implant surgery, high demand for the treatment pushes prices down.

Aligning Treatment Popularity and Availability

To make Invisalign technology more readily available to a wider demographic, there has also been discussion about removing the VAT charge for the treatment. The Dentistry UK reports, ‘As part of this, Align Technology has been reviewing the VAT position on its aligners in the UK for some years with the intention of making them more accessible for both providers and patients.’ Jamie Morley, general manager for the UK and Ireland Business Centre of Align Technologies, has said that the recent undertakings of the company, if successful, will revolutionise access to the aligners.

The Commercial Responsibility of Dental Health Care Partners

Align Technologies believes that removing VAT will significantly improve the health and wellbeing of their clients, as well as making good business sense. With more affordable products, many more patients, whether insured or not, will have the chance to decide on their oral health. ‘I believe the removal of VAT represents a significant step forward for us, which adds even greater value to our investment in Invisalign providers. The implication of this decision means that we are now in a position to help all the clinicians with whom we work to develop their financial, as well as practice, growth.’ Jamie added.

Hopefully, with Align Technologies paving the way, other Invisalign providers will also support the push for brighter and more affordable smiles in the future.