Improving Sleeping Habits and Getting Better Sleep at Night

Improving your sleepPeople underestimate the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep.  However, unhealthy sleeping habits can increase stress levels, worsen mood, and cause problems maintaining a regular weight.  Further, lack of sleep and chronic insomnia can shorten life expectancy.

Below are some ways to prevent sleep loss and its potential health effects:

Choose a Suitable Mattress

One easy solution to improve your sleep is to replace your old mattress.  Old mattresses often become breeding grounds for dust mites as they contain lots of germs, dead skin, sweat, and saliva.  Dust mites might trigger allergies and asthma, problems that will disrupt any restful sleep.

If you live around Utah, you can check out 2 Brothers Mattress.  A new mattress will ensure that none of these become a problem.  You may want to read up on the different types of mattresses to choose the one you’re most comfortable with.

Remember that you can also reduce factors that aggravate any sleeping disorder that you may already have (e.g. insomnia, sleep paralysis, night terrors) by choosing the right kind of mattress.

Go One Step Further and Nap at Work

If you can’t get a full night of sleep at home, consider making up for lost hours by taking a nap at work.  Napping can be better than drinking coffee for improving productivity, memory, creativity, and learning ability.

Napping is a good workplace solution to fatigue.  It decreases stress levels and allows you to take a step back from your tasks so you can get back to work with a fresh mindset.  You’ll also be more awake and alert after taking a short nap.

If you do decide to take a nap, make sure to choose the right time to do so and remember not to nap for longer than recommended.  Of course, you should still try to follow a regular sleep pattern and make sure that naps do not disrupt your sleep at night.