How Washing Your Hair Every Day Could be Good for You

Yes, shampooing daily might be bad for some people, but actually good for others. And while over washing could be really harsh on your locks since it strips your hair’s natural oils, depending on the profile of your hair, lifestyle, and styling choices, you could actually benefit from daily shampooing.

Shampooing is Simply Basic Hygiene — Especially for Certain People

Your scalp constantly secretes your hair’s natural conditioner, called sebum, and this could accumulate on your scalp, without proper washing. This, in turn, will leave your hair feeling and looking oily, or worse, serve as food for microfauna, which is responsible for dandruff. Basically, if you work out every single day, are generally active during work, are exposed to extreme pollution daily, or use products for styling your mane — factors that significantly add to sebum accumulation — you will benefit from washing your hair daily.

Shampooing is a Must for Styling

If you love your blow dryer and can’t go out the door without blow drying your hair, shampooing daily or every time you plan on blow drying your hair is a must. An expert from Collectiv Academy notes that using the proper shampoo specific to your hair profile will effectively reset your hair and provide a solid foundation for the style you want. If your hair is curly or coarse, stick with a moisturizing shampoo to hydrate your locks as well as tame frizz and flyaways. If you have thin or fine locks, go with a volumizing shampoo, suggests a hair expert from a cosmetology school in Salt Lake City. Skipping the shampoo won’t prepare your hair to hold the style you want.

Instead of blaming daily shampooing for hair damage, you should tweak your brushing, styling, and conditioning routines. If you need to shampoo your hair daily, select the right products that will clean your hair and scalp without stripping their natural moisture. The determining factor should include your daily routine and your scalp’s sweat and oil production. Utilizing the right conditioner and reducing heat styling whenever you can will also prevent dryness, breakage, and irritation. Lastly, pay attention to how you brush your mane after washing it. Never tug your hair while wet to avoid stretching your hair shaft and reduce breakage.