How to Choose the Best Flooring for Your Restaurant’s Kitchen

kitchen flooringPicking the best restaurant flooring can be quite tricky — it needs to be elegant and slip-resistant. This is why many opt for flooring intended for commercial spaces when it comes to establishments where people dine.

While hardwood floor looks really elegant, it just won’t work in the kitchen. Since the staff will be working in the kitchen for hours on end, it needs to be comfortable, too.

From pots and pans to ovens and flooring — making the right choice is crucial, especially in a commercial kitchen setting. Your choice of kitchen flooring plays a huge part in making working in the kitchen a breeze.

If you are in the planning stages of renovating your kitchen or building a home, these tips from experts can help:

1. Look for form and function

Your restaurant’s kitchen might be hidden from your diners, but this doesn’t mean it should lack the aesthetics that your dining floor has. When shopping for kitchen flooring, it’s essential to opt for both form and function.

One of the most popular choices is hardwood flooring, but cork tile and rubber flooring are also getting praise from people who love working in the kitchen.

2. Consider the temperature

Fancy flooring might not be able to take the heat (literally) in a commercial kitchen setting. Talk to your contractor about one that can withstand the heat, spills, and other mishaps that come naturally in the kitchen. You also don’t want flooring that can get stained easily.

3. Don’t forget durability

Your kitchen flooring should stand the test of time and should be durable enough to have heavy kitchen equipment sit on it. Vinyl, laminate flooring, rubber, and cork tiles are popular for their durability and resilience. Keep in mind that the more expensive option might not be the most durable one.

Not many are aware of the importance of flooring in a commercial setting. Often, shoppers are impressed by how gorgeous they look and might ignore how a particular flooring can suit their needs. Always talk to a flooring expert before making a purchase.