How to Choose a Colour Scheme for Home Interiors

Man painting his homeBefore you ask interior painters to paint your Wellington home, you will have to pick a colour scheme for your home interiors. You can take your time and decide which colours will best suit your wants and needs.

Among the many details you have to decide on in a home, your interiors colours may be one of the hardest to finalise. To help you out, you can take a look at the guide below.

Use a colour wheel

Homeowners usually have colour palettes that have a range of colours you can choose from, but these palettes often have limited range. Switching to a colour wheel will make you better understand the complete array of colours you can choose from. Learning the terminology can also help you understand better.

Be familiar with colour terms

With regards to colour, “tint” means a colour with white added into it. Shade has an addition of black. When you add combinations of white and black, you get a tone.

Know scheme terms

With regards to scheme, “monochromatic” means matching tints, tones, and shades of one colour. “Complimentary” uses opposing colour wheel hues, while “contrast” matches hues of equal distance to each other on the colour wheel. Finally, “analogueous” uses hues that are next to each other on the wheel.

Address the trends

Armed with the colour knowledge above, you can decide next if you want to follow trends or not. Colour trends can be great for your home if you like them but do opt for your own colours as well. Trends come and go, and you will want most of your home to last the times. You can bring trends in small doses while mainly relying on your own scheme choices.

Test your choices

Once you have some ideas, you can test it out on a large cardboard. Leave a border along the edges, and apply two coatings for the best effect. You can then bring the cardboard around your home to see what the colours will be like once applied.

You can finally call on those interior painters. It is time to paint!