How Important is Roof Insulation in Tauranga?

Scientists say that “the higher you go the cooler it becomes”. Inside the house, things are somehow different; the heat is concentrated in the roof. If your house has no insulation, it’s like you are living in a bucket, literally. Your house may lose up to 25% of the heat resulting in about 40% increase in energy bills.

Short Payback Period

No matter how much roofing contractors in Tauranga charge for insulation, you should view it as a valuable investment. Whatever you pay now will payback in due time. Take for instance a three-bedroom house. You can have the roof insulation done for as little as 500 NZD. With cost savings of around 320 NZD annually, it means that the project will pay back within two years. This is not a bad financial decision at all.

Increased Property Resale Value

When you consider the impact of insulation on property resale value, the urge to have it installed should be even stronger. The fact that the property has less heating bills is enough reason for buyers to be more interested.

No More Noise

Insulation absorbs sound excellently. A quieter neighbourhood is more peaceful and healthier. That is the kind of environment that roof insulation gives you.

Longer Roof Lifespan

As the heat rises, an uninsulated roof can only do one thing-succumb to degradation. When you hire roofing contractors for insulation installation, you give your roof a new lease of life. Fibreglass and other types of insulation help warm the roof, thereby discouraging the degrading effects of indoor heat.

Good for the Environment

Indoor air quality will be better if you install roof insulation. Remember that HVAC units not only contribute to the carbon footprint, but also fill the air with contaminants. Insulation allows you to use your unit less, therefore enjoying cleaner air.

Insulating the roof is better than allowing heat to escape. Roofing contractors can insulate both old and new houses. Whatever the insulation method you choose, ensure it has sufficient R-value.