How Can You Reduce the Cost of a Long-Distance Relocation?

Couple unpacking boxes in new houseThere are some ways to reduce the cost of a long-distance relocation within the U.S., and some of them are as simple as collecting large boxes and choosing the right date for an interstate move.

Cost Comparison

If you’re looking for long-distance moving quotes in an instant, several professional movers offer free price quotations online. Take note that the average cost for an interstate move is around $4,300, so it makes sense for many households to lower that price as much as possible.

Professional movers usually charge at least $2,000 per load for a cross-country move more than 100 miles. Some households may pay up to $5,000 depending on their hauled items. Large furniture could easily inflate the price as well. For instance, a professional mover may charge up to $800 just for moving a grand piano over a short distance, which is usually less than 100 miles.

Strategic Price Reduction

Most people suddenly realize that it’s quite difficult to collect large boxes when they need those, so gathering supplies spares you from having to spend on storage and containers. These boxes usually just lay empty at your local supermarket or recycling center, which they could give away for free.

If it’s not urgent, the right time for a long-distance relocation also saves you money since you avoid peak hours and days. The best time to schedule a moving service would be during a weekday from mid-October to mid-April. Avoid weekends and the first and last weeks of any month, since rates usually increase for these times.

Whether it’s a cross-country or short-distance relocation, choosing the right professional moving service will be important. Ask quotes from at least three companies yet try not to settle for one because of their low rates. Like any other service, the amount you pay often reflects a company’s level of service.