How Can You Ensure Your Family’s Safety?

familyFrom July 2016 to June 2018, the number of crimes reported went down to a total of 1,040,987 compared to the same period in 2014 to 2016. The drop in crime rates creates a positive outlook for the safety of every Filipino family. But it’s still best to make sure that your family stays safe in your own community and in your own home.

Here’s how you can ensure your family’s safety.

Know Your Neighborhood

Lancaster New City Cavite shares that a peaceful and secure home for your family is the ideal home. You can make sure that you live in a safe community by walking the neighborhood. Observe the conditions of the homes, if they are in need of repairs or if there are overgrown yards.

Then try to strike up a conversation with the residents. Introduce yourself and convey your intention to move to the area. You can ask them about safety issues and other relevant concerns. You can also try to get to know potential neighbors. It’s best to get to know them first before committing to a permanent address.

Know Where Your Children Are

Tell your kids to always let you know where they plan to go. Give them a curfew for safety purposes. Rules like this may be hard for some teenagers who are at the stage where they mostly want to spend time with their friends. The best thing to do is to explain it to them.

When leaving your kids at home, leave a phone number that they can call in case something out of the ordinary comes up. If your kids have a phone, make sure they have the important phone numbers to call in case of an emergency.

You’ll also want to know your children’s friends. That way, you know who to get in touch with if your kids are late or fail to check in.

Before doing any of what you need to do to keep your children safe, talk to them about it. Communicate the importance of what you’re doing and that you’re only concerned about them.

Know the Security Staff

A good community is one with qualified security staff. You need to ask the homeowner’s association if security personnel go around the neighborhood at critical hours. But aside from the community security staff, you’ll also want to ensure that police stations and fire departments are within reach.

Make sure you get all the contact numbers. Your family should have these numbers so everyone knows what to do in case of emergencies.

Finally, try to get information on crime rate in the area. You can check with the local police or look up news online.

Make sure that you do the best you can to apply the essential safety measures in your home. Lock all doors and windows when your family goes to sleep or when you leave the house. Avoid posting your vacation dates on social media; you never know who’s looking at your posts even if you have a private account.

Keep your family safe by being alert at all times.