Homeschooling vs. Public Schooling: Brief Comparison

Educating Child at HomeWhether children would be better off with homeschooling or public schooling is not an entirely new issue among parents. Some parents prefer the traditional public schooling, whereas others believe that homeschooling is the most effective approach for learning.

If you are uncertain as to which to choose between the two, here are some good points about each that could help in your decision-making.

Facts About Home-Schooling

According to, there are 2.3 million students in the US who homeschool. The number continuously grows by up to 8 percent each year. Many reasons cause this to happen, which includes the following:

  • Homeschooling gives students the freedom to choose what to study, when they want to study, and how often
  • Academic performance is higher among home-educated children than those who go to public schools
  • Parents remain updated of their child’s progress and/or weaknesses
  • The parent-child bond and relationship is enhanced
  • Emotional stress in children are reduced with the absence of peer pressure, bullies, and competition
  • Both the child and parent can stay home and avoid the hassles and expenditures of travel

Truths About Public Schooling

Even if homeschooling relieves a child from both physical and emotional stresses, some parents still consider public schooling as a better way to educate children. This time, here are the advantages of the latter.

  • Public-schooling enhances social skills by daily interactions with fellow students and teachers
  • It teaches children how to adapt and respond to actual situations
  • Parents do not have to spend time to teach their child and learn teaching approaches
  • There are more co-curricular activities and academic opportunities in public schools

Which is Best for Your Child?

You can easily find elementary or high school homeschool online. But, know that homeschooling is not for everyone. Time and commitment are important for homeschooling to turn out successful. Also, you have to learn teaching techniques best suited to your child’s needs. Motivation is also important. If you are uncertain about these things, then perhaps public schooling is the better choice. Listen also to your child’s opinion before making a decision.

Both homeschooling and public schooling are effective ways of educating children. However, there are instances when one outweighs the benefits of the other, and vice versa based on a given situation. Study the pros and cons of each before you decide between the two.