Hiding Pipes in Style: Creative Techniques to Mask Visible Pipes

It is somewhat unavoidable to create a perfect plan for a house, execute it down to the smallest detail and yet, in the finished product, see that the blueprint is not perfect after all. Out of all things that will stick out, the pipes will be the biggest eyesore. Plumbers and builders do not always agree and routing those pipes will probably breach the plan. Exposed pipes are not that big of an issue, but it does ruin the house’s flow and design.

There is a place or a specific theme for visible pipes, but unless you plan it, you will want to hide it. Furthermore, these pipes have to be in an enclosed space anyway. No one said to do it crudely, though, so you can employ your creative license in making a tasteful concealment of the pipes.

Painting Over Pipe Boxing

The use of pipe boxing is popular in the U.K., so everyone will be familiar with the concept. Thus, painting over it will be easy; the obvious solution is to use the same shade from the walls.

Use Furniture

If you are not the builder type, furniture is your friend in hiding exposed details of your home. A nice Recamier should take the attention away from the pipes or, if you want, use a traditional sofa for a total cover-up.

Foliage to the Rescue

Pipes that run vertically are hard to hide. You can add some fake foliage to introduce a little greenery in the space. While it is not a total disguise, it does improve the design of the area, among other things.

Appliances (Use with Care)

You can always use appliances to hide the pipes, but make sure to put a buffer between the pipes and the appliances. Any contact with high-temperature surfaces may affect the pressure inside the pipes.

These are only a few of the ways you can cover up, and your choices are limitless. Your imagination can go anywhere just as long as it is tasteful and efficiently hides the pipes.