Here Are Ways to Succeed at Website Localization

List of languagesThe world is shrinking more and more each year, your audience is no longer just your city, but potential customers halfway around the world in Shanghai or Poland. If you have plans to become a global brand in your niche, you’ll need to find ways to localize your website.

Experts on web localization cite the following techniques that allow you to localize your website and obtain your global goals.

Identify Your Intended Audience

The most successful brands that localized such as Coke and some Unilever products were able to do so because they knew who their target audience was inside and out. Selling to moms, teenagers, young adults and seniors differ from one country to another. A joke that works in London may not resonate or may even be offensive to those living in Japan.

Know who your market is, the words and colloquialisms they use, the language they read in, their interests, age group and other pertinent parameters in the country you want to reach out in.

Use the Appropriate Images

Images matter in any business endeavor as these contain different meanings for people in another country and culture. Use the appropriate ones to elicit the responses and emotions you want. If you’re using people in an uploaded image, the skin color, their facial expressions and even their hand gestures contain symbols that may differ. A symbol, shapes and colors of the pictures you use also play an important factor in the message you want to convey.

 Simplify Language Selection

This is a simple technique to implement, but some websites still overlook. Make it easy for visitors to choose which language they want to read your pages in.

Seamless Content Management

Translation of your pages is the first step to localization, but it’ll need management. Some pieces of content may have poor or no translation. Have someone manage and check each page for incorrect translations. This allows you to correct any mistakes and update the content you publish.

These are some of the ways you can localize your website for a global audience. Implement these to improve your reach, convert at a better rate and send your brand message effectively.