Have a Clogged Drain? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It

While taking a shower, you notice that the water does not go down the drain right away. Instead, it pools around your feet, maybe even up to your ankles. You may have also experienced a similar issue after pulling the bath tub’s plug, wherein the water does not drain right away. This only means one thing: you have a drain blockage problem.

It is important you have this issue corrected as soon as possible. Left neglected, you will only put yourself, your family, and your home at great risk of suffering from the following serious problems:

A huge mess caused by indoor flooding

Most of the time, severe weather conditions, such as very heavy rains, storms, and flash floods can cause indoor flooding. However, a clogged plumbing component can do the same thing.

The longer you delay hiring a professional when it comes to effective drain blockage solutions, the greater your risk of indoor flooding is. According to plumbing experts from Walton Plumbing, the clogs in your drains will force used or waste water to come back up, leading to potential indoor flooding.

Indoor flooding and water damage

When you have such a serious case of clogged drains that can cause indoor flooding, your next biggest problem is considerable water damage. It will not take a long time for the water that backed up and out of your drains to pool up and spread around your home, causing such a huge, disgusting mess.

Remember that water backups do not only contain filth; the damage they can bring on can also cost you a lot of money due to water damage repairs.

That wastewater may contain disease-causing microorganisms

Even when the water going back up your drains looks clear, it does not automatically mean it is clean and safe. Keep in mind that it already went through your drainage system, which is where your wastewater passes through. So that water backing up may already carry with it disease-causing microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. This then puts you and your family at risk of health hazards.

Clogged drains are not merely annoyances; they can be a precursor to more serious health, safety, and structural problems, so fix them right away.