Get a Home Office if You Work at Home

Home Office Do you work at home and get distracted by other people in your house? Does the sight of your big flat screen TV tempt you to drop everything and just binge watch your favourite series? Do you even get any work done?

Well, whatever your answers to those questions are, when you work at home it is advisable to have your own space where you can maximise your productivity. In short, you need a home office.

What, you say. You quit your office job to work at home, but now you need an office again? Well, quite frankly, yes.

It’s for Your Own Good

A home office gives you space to concentrate on your work and be as productive as you can be. It won’t be like the office you had for your previous job, as you have control of the designing and organising of every detail.

If you want to continue working from home, you can’t have any distractions like a bed, a TV, or an annoying housemate. This space will give you some privacy and a professional, not-to-be-disturbed vibe.

However, if you really detest the word “office,” just call it a “study.”

Planning Your Office

You have freedom in every aspect of this, but you have to consider a few things before you buy the cool desk you saw online.

  • What is your work?
  • What materials are you going to use and store?
  • Will you have clients visiting?
  • Will you be having colleagues over for collaborative work?
  • Will you be having video conferencing?
  • What equipment will you be needing?

That sort of stuff. You might be a home-based voice actor so you need soundproof walls and recording equipment. You might be a world-renowned detective that has his doctor friend come over to help solve murder mysteries.

Once you have all the “needs ” sorted out, you can go to the planning and construction phase.

Building Your Office

Sketch out a simple floorplan. You can plan out where to put your equipment, where your desk faces, how big your shelves should be. Be realistic and practical; you should design it in a way the makes you efficient. Also, don’t buy anything you won’t be needing everyday.

Construction could be DIY, but it’s best to get someone like Capital Decorators Ltd who knows what they’re doing so your drawing table won’t suddenly collapse on you because you DIY-ed it. Painting and decorating the space is equally important because the colours can actually help you focus. Having pictures and objects lying around for you to look at or play around with during your break helps too.

Make sure you have proper lighting and ergonomic furniture. Working from home gives you more opportunities to live a healthier lifestyle, so take advantage of that.

Finally, when you have it all set up, don’t forget to tell your housemates — if you have any — that you are not to be disturbed while you are in there. Unless the house is on fire. Most importantly, have “work hours.” This makes it easier for you and your housemates in the long run.