Friends, Fans, Followers: Optimising Social Media Profiles to Boost Your Brand

One of the easiest things a professional SEO company can do to boost your company’s online presence is to optimise your social media profiles. Doing so only takes a few minutes, and most of the optimisation can be implemented when creating the account.

Here are some tips to help optimise any social media profile.

Incorporate Your Brand in Images

Every social network has different image requirements: profile pictures, background images, cover photos, display photos, etc. On Facebook, for example, adding your company logo to the cover photo instantly turns it into a giant billboard, which is very important in branding.

Connect Social Media Profiles

Have easy-to-find links to your company’s other social networks within your profile. Link your Facebook to your Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest accounts to maximise exposure. You can also ask the local SEO company you’re working with to activate specific apps that link or showcase other social profiles.

Complete, Uniform Profiles

Fill out every profile field with quality descriptions and accurate information. This improves brand association and adds value to the user’s experience. Your social profiles don’t need to have the exact same description, but you should try to use most of the same keywords. Consistency is a great way to market your brand to fans.

Optimising your social media profiles is easy. Play around with these and other tips to make the most of your social media accounts.